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Our first big project for 2017, on behalf of Industrial Space Solutions Ltd. We commenced with setting up 18 April 2017 and completed on time and within budget 29 May 2017. Recovered in 2.00mm Trocal Type S in light grey,  The greatest challenge was the size of the project, the quantity of detail work with over 120 rooflights to replace and it was completed in 6 weeks.  Having started 18 April 2017, we had completed and moved out by 29 May 2017 and onto our next project.  

Scope of the Works


To replace 124 rooflights. 

To remove and cover 3 smoke vents.

To strip high level plant room, replace steel decking, insulation and recover.

To recover existing roof with Sika Trocal Type S in light grey.


Plant & Hired Equipmen used:

17m All Terrain Telehandler over 10 weeks

14 m All Terrain Scissor Lift over 3 weeks

20ft container over 10 weeks

1 no 35 yd skip over 8 weeks for scrap metal

11 no 8yd builders skips


Scaffolding by Absolute Group Scaffolding Services

Netting by Safety Net Services


Materials used:

276 rolls Trocal Type S, 2.00mm membrane in light grey.




Given the size of the project, orders were of substantial size and weight, therefore, we had to advise how we were going to load the roof out with the materials to be stored on the roof awaiting installation.  We were also on a time constraint, knowing that we had another large project  to start in just 6 weeks' time.


18 April 2017 saw the delivery of all the plant and hired equipment as well as enough materials to see us through the first couple of weeks:


66 rolls Trocal and accessories - weighing in at 5331.90kg

88 packs of 25mm insulation - 

120 sheets of Trocal Metal - 2073.60kg

2000 fixings - 

840ft scaffold tube for handrailing - getting on for 2000kg


The materials had to be lifted to roof level and were then evenly distributed to avoid overloading or putting extra stress on the structure of any given section of the roof.


Needless to say, it was a very busy day and the beginning of a very busy week.


Organization, coordination and logistics were paramount to the project from start to finish.

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