Shrewsbury Cathedral

Trocal Type SGMa slabbed after completion for a durable, neat finish.

It wasn't our biggest project but it is our most  prestigious project of 2017, given the venue; it's not every day we get to carry out work on a Cathedral even if was only Shrewsbury and not St Pauls in London.  It was a live project with a Cafe underneath the work being carried out.  120sm of Trocal Type SGma, a ballasted membrane, completed in ten days, on time and to agreed budget. No hanging around!

The original roof cover was stripped of its covering and cleaned of all debris in preparation for the recover.  Not a pretty site! However,  this was necessary to a quality, durable finish.

 The insulation is then laid out.  As this was a tapered scheme, we have to work to the manufacturer's plan, laying out the insulation boards in a specific order to maintain the taper and avoid an uneven finish.

Trocal metal details were then fixed to the perimeter.  Trocal metal is an integral part of all Sika Trocal projects and is custom made as required by each individual project.  Sika Trocal metal allows us to adhere the membrane to the perimeter details to maintain the integrity of the waterproofing membrane.

Trocal SGMa is then loose laid and fixed to the permeter details.  This is the first layer and is not designed to be exposed to the sunlight and/or elements.

One rather neat outlet to drain off water from the roof.  Trocal is solvent welded to the outlet to maintain the integrity of the roof.

Trocal SBV, a protective layer, is then loose laid over the top of the SGMa and fixed to the perimeter using Sika liquid PVC.

It is not often that we are around to witness the finish on most SGMa projects, however, this project is an exception. The slabs were laid over the top of the Trocal SBV on Sika Paver supports to protect the roof also giving an even and superior finish.

Clean lines show the evenness of the surface. Sadly, we have no before shots to compare it with. 

Completed Project!  A nice even finish, clean lines, even surface over a waterproofing membrane with a life expectancy in excess of 30 years.  When you see the end result, i think we can safely say : "it was well worth the effort".

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