In Partnership with Sika - Licensed Installer

Sika Trocal is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane  which is pressure rolled during the fabrication process.  It has been manufactured in Germany since 1962 and is designed to contract  to contract  and expand according to prevailing weather conditions following installation at the same time as providing a superior finish.  It was first introduced in the UK in 1972 since when it has enjoyed steady and continued growth. 


Further benefits to installing Sika Trocal membranes include the speed at which the roof can be completed, with a gang of three men easily laying 400-500sm daily, faster than other roofing systems.  Additional advantages lie in its' light weight and in the fact that there are no limitations on the thickness of the insulation that can be fixed below the membrane, ensuring lower U-values.  Furthermore, it can accommodate and integrate plant on the roof area as well as being easier to maintain and repair, should this become necessary.  Mansafe Systems can be easily installed and sealed to the roofing membrane for a neater finish.


There are three main types of Sika Trocal:

Type 'S': For a finish which is exposed to the elements and can mechanically fixed to concrete, metal decking or timber substrate.

Type 'SGMa': For Green Roofs, for covering in decking, slabs or gravel.

Type 'SGK': Fully bonded.

Working with Renolit - Licensed installer

Renolit is a leading competitor on the European market of PVC-P waterproofing membranes and is increasing in popularity in the UK.


Renolit Alkorplan  PVC membrane, which comes in a range of colours, including, light grey, lead grey and charcoal as well as Terracotta, Copper Green, Silver and Cpper metallic finishes as well as white. It offers a lighter and, sometimes, cheaper alternative weatherproofing  system for New Build and Refurbishment projects alike, big and small.  Offering guarantees of up to 25 years across the whole range of membranes, we are seeing more enquiries than ever before for the Renolit waterproofing membranes


AlkorPlan A is an adhered system, designed to be fully bonded to the substrate. This membrane can be used as the foundation for the Green Roof.

AlkorPlan F is reinforced  with woven polyester and is for fastening onto metal decking, concrete or timber. 

AlkorGreen is loose laid and ballasted, so it can be covered with decking, slabs or gravel. This membrane is also compatible with green and brown roofing installations.

AlkorBright is a Solar UV reflective membrane (97%), protecting the membrane from heat, thus extending its' life span and affecting temperatures in the environment.

AlkorDesign simulates the appearance of the standing seam of the lead roof but is lighter and potentially cheaper alternative to lead.

Now working with Fatra - Licensed Installer




 Introduced in the UK in the early 1990's, Fatra have become one of the leading suppliers of roofing solutions in the UK and now  offer a comprehensive range of waterproofing solutions including single ply membranes, felt roofing systems and liquid pvc. 


Fatra's liquid applied waterproofing system is a cold applied waterproofing solution suitable for a wide range of applications, substrates and finishes providing an uninterrupted seamless finish. The coating delivers a long lasting, cost effective waterproofing solution for both new build and existing roof refurbishment projects.



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