We started the New year with probably one of the most unusual projects that we will ever get to work on.  A fountain, our first fountain and I wouldn't mind betting, our last fountain.  But who's to say?  Never say, never!

January was quiet.  We completed a school roof over a newly enclosed school yard. 

February saw business picking up after a pretty mild winter. We carried out a few repairs dotted around the English and Welsh countryside as well as some penetrations in the Midlands and on the Welsh border.

March saw us complete Elmsleigh Shopping Centre in Staines.

April saw us start one of our larger planned projects for 2017 - 8600sm down yonder in Port Talbot, South Wales.

May witnessed the start of another large project - close to 11500sm in Huyton and another smaller one to start at the end of May - 279sm in Trocal Type S with a further 29sm in Trocal Type SGMa.

Project S - sm SGK - sm SGma (Ballasted) - sm Repairs Penetrations Leak Test
Ward End School   84        
Kenilworth 8          
Pinxton 146          
Manchester 259          
Port Talbot 8600          
Staines 418          
Kidderminster         14 1
Shrewsbury     120      
Huyton 11500          
Beaumont Leys 844          
Alrewas 44          
Alrewas 26          
London 130   40      
Talke  750          
Manchester   480        
Milton Keynes         6  
Nottingham 130   40      
Manchester 285 735        
Chester 35   6      
Hemswell   558        
Leamington Spa  


Bromsgrove 15   35      
Birmingham         2  
Kenilworth 31          
Westminster         2  
Talke       2    
Market Drayton 168          
Port Talbot         Gutters  
Talke 20          
Redditch       6    
Tettenhall 132   221      

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