Maincare Roofing & Building Ltd specializes in single ply flat roofing installations.  Single Ply membranes can provide a quicker and, often, cheaper long term solution to roofing enquiries and we are in a position to offer expertise to help you find a package that exceeds your expectations and falls within your budget.


Flexibility is a major part of the single ply membrane discourse.  Due to it's light weight, it can be installed on most roofs with any thickness of insulation so most U-Values are attainable.  It can be used on flat, as well as pitched, and rounded roofs too. Green, or ballasted roofs, exposed mechanically fixed membranes or fully adhered, single ply membranes might just be the roofing solution for you whether it's a new build, an extension or a refurbishment.


Durability comes with single ply membranes with guarantees of up to 25 years and a life expectancy of 30 - 35 years. Single ply membranes have stood the test of time and have proven themselves be a potentially lower cost roofing solution.


Maintenance costs are low too. With a yearly inspection to check the outlets and a bit of warm, soapy water to wash any dirt build up away, single ply membranes are easy to maintain and repairs are quick and easy to carry out (repairs should be carried out by a licensed contractor only).  The membranes are impervious so any roof with a single ply membrane is not susceptible to growing a forest of weeds.  Any weeds that do manage to grow can be simply swept away.


As approved contractors, licensed to install Sika Trocal, Renolit Alkorplan and Fatra Liquid PVC, we can also carry out repairs, install walkway, rooflights and seamlessly integrate your services or mansafe posts for the ultimate weatherproofing and waterproofing solutions.


With a wealth of construction experience, we believe that you can only benefit from our expertise. 




Sika Trocal shows off its' versatility on these roofs completed in 2016. Fourteen roofs of various shapes and sizes with different finishes including Sika Type SGK and Sika Type S. 


Our work at the National Memorial Remembrance Arboretum earned Maincare the runners up award in the 2017 SPRA awards.




Renolit Alkorplan looks neat with clean lines providing a superior , no matter how big or small the project.  Although single ply membranes are synonymous with flat roofs, they are equally at home on the pitched roof.


Installed in 2019, this roof showcases Renolit Fleece backed Alkorplan membrane, enhanced with adhered profiles to imitate the standing seam fiinsh.







If you cannot find what you are looking here, please call us and we will be happy to help you find your roofing solution.  Our expertise is second to none.





"Our  engagement  with  Maincare,  for Sainsbury's in Newquay, was an excellent example of their proactive approach to a challenging scheme. Their "can do" attitude was  a real benefit, and reflected in the standard of the finished work."


Jim Finnigan




"Maincare Roofing were employed by the Gelder Group on the refurbishment and extension of Blidworth Fire Station.  The Gelder site and office team found Maincare a very easy company to work with.  They understand their product and the needs of their customer; this particular contract was on a very tight time scale and Maincare pulled out all the stops and met the required dates.  i would certainly recommend this company."


Jim West

Contracts Manager

Gelder Group



Maincare Roofing & Building Ltd have successfully completed 3 projects for Industrial Space Solutions Ltd in the recent past:


  • Talke 11,500m2 completed 2016
  • Port Talbot 8,600m2 in completed 2017
  • Huyton 11,500m2 completed 2017.


Maincare is tendering for several current projects with us.


I have found the team knowledgeable, reliable and responsive; and obviously competitive. Their level of technical advice is bolstered by the fact that it appears that Trocal also use them as a source of practical information when more than a standard specification of works is required.


The two most recent projects for us have been far from straight forward and they have proved themselves both up to the task, and flexible in dealing with the issues that arose through no fault of us or them.


Mike Sowerby on behalf of Industrial Space Solutions Ltd

September 2017

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